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Potential Achievers

SIMHC offers mental health therapy at the school location, for students enrolled in the Ottumwa Community School District. 

Southern Iowa Mental Health Center offers mental health therapy services to students at all of the Ottumwa elementary schools. 

There are also mental health counseling services available at the Ottumwa High School, thought another contractor. 

The collective program is called, “Potential Achievers”. 

Potential Achievers is a joint venture between SIMHC, the Ottumwa Community School District and the United Way of Wapello County. 

The purpose of the Potential Achievers program is to assist students in dealing with problems that interfere with success at school. 

These can include, but are not limited to: Grief and Loss, Difficulty with adjustment to change at school or home, ADHD, Lack of social skills, Depression, Anxiety, Behavioral problems, Stress or Trauma related disorders, Aspects of attachment disorder and attachment related problems. 

Potential Achievers is staffed by mental health professionals as defined by the State of Iowa Department of Health, from Southern Iowa Mental Health Center. These professionals are independently licensed at the master’s level and are qualified in assessment and counseling services to individuals, families and groups. These professionals also may include master’s level individuals working towards licensure and/or intern students working on a master’s degree in a mental health field; both supervised by an independently licensed mental health professional.

These services are offered at No Charge to families, but parental consent is required by a guardian with joint legal and medical custody. 

It is also strongly recommended that parents make an effort to be involved by stopping in to eh school to meet with the therapist and participating in family sessions as requested throughout the year. 

Students can be referred to the Potential Achievers program by teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, school nurses, parents, other caretakers and outside agencies. 

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