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1527 Albia Road
Ottumwa, Iowa 52501
Phone: (641) 682-8772
Fax: (641) 682-1924

Moving Announcement

**For Immediate Release**

Font SignSouthern Iowa Mental Health Center (SIMHC) is pleased to announce that the office has relocated all services to: 1527 Albia Road, Ottumwa effective May 1st, 2018.

In addition, SIMHC is pleased to announce the start of a new Mental Health Crisis Stabilization and 23 Hour Observation Center. The unit is scheduled to open Monday May 14th, 2018. Crisis Stabilization services are designed for the patient who is in a current state of mental health crisis and is not able to return home, however inpatient level of care may not be appropriate either.

The Board of Directors at SIMHC, along with the SIMHC leadership team, has a vision for a mental health center that is able to offer multiple mental health services at one location, including a full array of crisis services. Offering a greater range of mental health services in one area will allow for a greater ease in transition for patients moving within the treatment continuum.

“This is a very exciting time for SIMHC! We have a real passion for mental health services and for this community. We feel moving into this new space will allow us room to grow and to provide better service for our patients.” Tracy Peden, Finance Director, SIMHC.

Currently, SIMHC provides specialty healthcare, focusing in the treatment of all types of mental illness. SIMHC offers therapy and psychiatry care to children, adolescents and adults. These services are available to all community members regardless of county of residency and SIMHC accepts all pay sources. In addition, SIMHC is the Integrated Health Home (IHH) provider for: Wapello, Davis, Jefferson, Van Buren, Mahaska, Wayne, Lucas, Decatur, Appanoose, Monroe and Keokuk County. IHH is a specialty care coordination service available to some Medicaid members. SIMHC also offers a Peer Run drop in center, The Promise Center, located at 531 Church Street.

SIMHC was first founded as a 501©(3) organization on December 6th, 1966 and opened for business in the fall of 1967. This year marks the 50th Anniversary of SIMHC providing mental health clinical services in the Southeast Iowa area. As a designated Community Mental Health Center, accredited by the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS), SIMHC is the provider of choice for most residents in Wapello County who need mental health services. The clinical team at SIMHC is made up of: registered nurses, nurse care managers, master’s prepared clinicians, a registered nurse practitioner, a board certified adult psychiatrist, a board certified child & adolescent psychiatrist, a nationally certified peer support specialist and a certified family support specialist. At any point in time SIMHC has roughly 2,500 open patient files and in FYE 2017 provided 37,238 distinct mental health services.

“We have a vision for this to be the main hub for mental health services in this community, a place that stands out as a location to receive quality service and is open and inviting to everyone.” Brian Morgan, board member for SIMHC.

Contact Information: Christina Schark, Executive Director, Southern Iowa Mental Health Center.